Behind the Scenes at Skipton!

Our System Development Team, based in Skipton, Yorkshire, have been working hard to ensure EPSYS remains the number ONE e-procurement and procure-to-pay (P2P) system in the industry.

With new features and updates to make the existing model even more streamlined and accessible, we caught up with Alastair Hayhurst, our Systems Development Director, to tell you all about EPSYS and why it’s the system of choice for the foodservice and hospitality industry!

1. Tell us about the Foodbuy Systems Development team.

We have team of over 15 system development experts based at our Skipton office in Yorkshire, working around the clock to keep our system nimble and ready, developing new ideas to meet the demands of a variety of businesses within the foodservice and hospitality sector. With almost 100 years’ worth of cumulative experience working with Epsys, the team know the system inside out.

2. What’s a day in the life of a Systems Development expert?

As a team we are fully in-house, opposed to many other systems in our industry who tend to license or buy from external providers. Our daily mission is to develop, maintain and innovate with Epsys, ensuring it is consistently meeting user demand and reporting accurately across all operations. Working in collaboration with current clients, we also design and develop new extensions and features all of which are easily mobilised and accessible within the existing model.


3. Tell us about the capability of Epsys.

The best way to represent the power of our system is to let the figures do the talking. Our team of systems specialists support 80+ clients, at over 20,000 locations, buying from over 2,000 suppliers with a choice of 500,000 products and services. In total, we process 80,000 orders per week.

4. Why do you think Epsys is the foodservice and hospitality’s leading system?

Epsys is a longstanding system of choice for the foodservice and hospitality procurement sector. Its agility allows you to be proactive but also reactive to real business challenges: actually, we have a regular pipeline of developments based on challenges of the foodservice and hospitality business. We are constantly working with clients to source new, impactful ways to continue to meet expectations and take the headache away!

5. What’s the most exciting piece of development you are working on right now?

We are in the midst of developing a new live chat function that allows clients and their teams to instantly chat to a member of the Foodbuy Customer Experience Team, instead of emailing or phoning. This new functionality ensures we can provide the most effective support possible to our clients with the ‘Live Chat’ function being easily accessible and easy to use.

Having this system in place will ensure we can manage expectations and resolve any issues quickly and efficiently, mindful that time is money. 

The right system for all occasions

So, whether you’re a procurement professional looking to turn data into insights, a finance expert looking for greater financial control, or a chef wanting to streamline operations, Epsys is the system for you.

If you would like to find out more, click here to get in touch with one of our team members, to start your Epsys journey!