E-Procurement & Systems

The Benefits

  1. Your teams have one simple system where they place all their orders, removing the need for phone or email orders

  2. Only trusted food suppliers and products can enter the supply chain

  3. Full visibility and transparency mean you only pay for what’s received

  4. Real-time data allows you to make informed purchasing decisions

  5. Stock usage reports allow you to monitor all aspects of your procurement and hospitality purchasing operation


  1. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Many organisations struggle to demonstrate the positive effects their sustainability efforts are having. Our corporate social responsibility add-on provides real-time metrics to monitor and measure specific targets including food mileage, local sourcing and food waste.


  1. INDUSTRY BENCHMARKING. This add-on delivers real-time assurance that the prices you are paying are as competitive as they can be. It does this by analysing your food procurement and comparing it against the industry average for key product lines.


  1. BUYING TRENDS. Thanks to the breadth and depth of our data, we can help you monitor market trends more closely and plan more effectively for the future. We help you to really understand your food procurement spend by showing procurement levels over time and broken down by commodity group, with price movements, split case and distribution efficiency analysis.


Our systems are built and maintained in-house by our expert team of developers and eProcurement system experts. This gives us a fully flexible approach and means we can easily integrate our systems with your existing ones. We also have dedicated support to help train your teams and ensure you get the very best system experience.


Our eProcurement systems have helped Valor Hospitality Partners to reduce their food costs by up to 31% in a single category, as well as increasing compliance levels across their portfolio of hotels to over 95%.