We can improve your fruit and vegetable offer and help you stay ahead of your competition


Foodbuy sources fresh fruit and vegetables daily from right around the world. Our network of suppliers includes local, regional, national and international partners. Therefore, we are aware of the challenges the industry faces: getting the best quality at the best prices, guaranteeing provenance, adding value through supply chain alignment, forecasting demand and shelf life…. to mention just a few.

We know this well because we have established long-term relationships with our suppliers and clients.  We spend time learning how they operate, we know their capabilities and their needs, inside out. We also know fruit and vegetables are becoming increasing important in people’s diets and this will continue to drive demand in the years to come.

Our approach to category development

We have a 60-strong team of category development experts who do a fantastic job at managing our day-to-day relationships with our trusted suppliers and maximising value from the deals we negotiate.  We buy a diverse range of fruit & vegetables and we can respond to any trend and deliver on any brief. Whether our client’s need local provenance, longer shelf lives, a diverse range of high-quality products, we’ve got it covered.

Smart procurement 

But we don’t just understand the market; we use economies of scale to provide the best quality/price ratio. With our huge purchasing power and our strategic network of farmers and growers we can deliver high-quality products that are cost effective; the greater the volume, the stronger position we are in to negotiate the best deal without affecting food quality.

As one of the world's main foodservice suppliers, we are also quick to identify new opportunities, trends or innovative ideas. The fact we have ‘skin in the game’, with our parent company being our biggest client, means everything we do is geared towards make a real difference to your fruit and vegetable offer to help you stay ahead of your competition.

If you would like to know more about how Foodbuy can help you develop your offer and drive great value for your business, contact us here to start the conversation.