‘Skin in the game’ drives true value for Foodbuy clients

It’s less than three years ago since we launched Foodbuy as a specialist food procurement company in the UK. With over £1bn of managed spend, we bring together the widest range of foodservice and hospitality clients to buy food and everything associated with it.  We work closely with our clients to deliver expert procurement services saving them both time and money and enabling them to focus on what really matters to their businesses. What’s really unique about Foodbuy, of course, is that our parent company is also our largest client. This means we have real skin in the game when it comes to negotiating deals and delivering value!

The Foodbuy model is well established in the US where it has been a phenomenal success story for Compass Group North America – so we are constantly making sure we are utilising the knowledge and experience that has been driven into that organisation over the last 10-15 years and applying those practices that are transferrable, to here in the UK.

Our business is growing at a great rate and whilst we believe having ‘skin in the game’ sets clear water between Foodbuy and other food procurement companies, we couple this with learning the ins and outs of our client’s businesses to ensure they are receiving the best service possible.  Some times procurement can go wrong when the procurement team buys what the procurement team wants, not what the business needs. We have a team of 200 procurement professionals at the heart of our business and their job is to provide the critical link between our client’s specific needs and the supply chain. With a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs we can forge a partnership that delivers not only great value but increased levels of innovation

Whilst you may imagine there are very clear benefits to outsourcing procurement to an organisation with over £1bn of managed spend, many people’s imaginations reach the leverage of great prices -  and stops there. We believe ‘great price’ is just the beginning of the story. Foodbuy delivers true ‘value’, that unique mix of price and quality so important to anyone seriously involved in professional foodservice. Layer on top of this value; robust supply chains, a sustainable approach to sourcing, a keen eye on the future and the innovations it promises, and then you begin to get a feel for the commercial advantages Foodbuy can bring to your business.

We are keen to begin to understand your particular business needs and goals and to work with you to see how Foodbuy can help you meet them – contact us here.