We know it’s tough out there so how do we fight for value?

We’re living in a world of food inflation and there’s no denying it’s tough out there. But things aren’t going to change so how are we at Foodbuy fighting for value in a challenging world? 

Ian Murphy, Managing Director of Foodbuy believes a collaborative approach to procurement provides the answer. 

“With Foodbuy we set out to build a procurement approach that represents a paradigm shift from traditional procurement services. The main shift is that, rather than just amalgamating all of our customer’s volume and negotiating better rates, we have real ‘skin in the game’. By this I mean our biggest single group of customers are always likely to be the many thousands of food outlets run by Compass Group UK & Ireland’s sectors – so our own scale of procurement is at the fulcrum point of the levers we use to drive value for our customers.”

By focussing on five key levers, we can ensure we are in a strong position to tackle inflation:


  1. Scale and lots of it: The greater our volume, the stronger the position we’re in when sourcing and negotiating deals. This enables us to leverage the best value for our clients.


  1. Understand the market: To save money and provide advice you’ve got to have your finger on the pulse. Our teams work really closely with our strategic partners and can forecast possible price increases and advise clients to switch in advance to mitigate costs wherever possible.


  1. Talent and expertise: We need great people with a wide range of skills and expertise. We have teams working across 70 specialist categories, running a diverse range of sourcing strategies and category development programmes and we actively invest in their training and development.


  1. Strategic partnerships: Our suppliers and partners are the lifeblood of our business. It’s in everyone’s best interest for us to form close relationships and ways of working. Whether that’s from a national, regional or local perspective. When we grow, they grow with us.


  1. Growth: The combination of our scale, understanding of the market, talented teams and strategic partnerships is helping us grow and stay ahead of the competition.


By partnering with Foodbuy, your business can also begin to benefit from the advantages these five levers bring.

There’s a different approach to procurement available to you, that could make a dramatic difference to your bottom line. It’s easy to begin to explore the opportunities contact us here to start the conversation.