Smart procurement drives shareholder value

In a food service economy dominated by food inflation, increased staff costs, Brexit uncertainties, and sluggish retail trends, most commentators would mark this as one of the most challenging times in recent memory for procurement professionals across the food procurement service sector.

No matter the size of your business it is harder than ever to drive profit to the bottom line. Now, more than ever, shareholders and stakeholders are fixing a piercing stare on that bottom line.

We believe that Foodbuy can support you in meeting and surpassing your profitability goals. Taking a fresh, smart approach to procurement service drives shareholder value – and this is where Foodbuy comes in.

When we were assessing the external pressures facing food service businesses we decided that such challenging economic times demanded innovative thinking - and so Foodbuy was born. We believe Foodbuy represents an innovative approach to procurement that drives bottom-line benefits for all that join with us.

Our Foodbuy team already delivers value; that dynamic balance between quality and price, that our Compass Group UK & Ireland customers demand, every day, across our own 5,000 foodservice outlets.

By joining with us at Foodbuy you are able to leverage the scale and scope of our supply chain, driving down your costs whilst maintaining quality. Usually such leverage on core costs only comes through unprecedented growth, but by joining a group with one of the world’s largest food buying organisations at its heart you can begin to see substantive cost reductions as soon as you engage.

Joining the Foodbuy team we can help you increase shareholder value in your business. No small claim I appreciate but we would be happy to talk you through our unique approach to facing today's procurement challenges and share our evidence of success.

You can find out more details of the Foodbuy story on this website or contact us here to begin to explore how we can help you build shareholder value in your business.