Four focus areas for hotels looking to bounce back

The wake of COVID-19 saw a huge impact on people and businesses across the globe.

Schools, restaurants and millions of businesses closed, and many employees were placed on furlough, as revenue rapidly declined, and the world submerged into lockdown.

For those in the hotel industry, it was imperative doors were closed to help prevent the spread of the virus, with some hotel’s space and supplies being utilised by the government and other non-profit organisations to house and protect various groups of key workers or vulnerable people within society.

The change in social distancing rules from 2metres to 1metre is sure to assist companies with their planning and strategies, allowing them to utilise smaller spaces within their establishment and provide better reassurance to customers.

Taking the right steps to mitigate the repercussions of COVID-19 and positioning yourself in the best possible place for your return is a fundamental step companies within the hotel industry must take to aid a strong bounce back.

Here are some of the areas to focus on:

Food and Drink

Some hotels have been able to stay operational because they have adapted their business model or services to suit the current climate. For instance, by keeping the kitchen operational and instead of offering meals on their physical premise, you are still cooking and serving up meals through collection and/or delivery within the local community. Food service within the hotel must be done in a distanced manner and strategies must be implemented to distance staff in back of house and front of house.

Room service

This is another area that must be adapted, again utilising grab and go and pre-packed options. Also be sure to sanitise any equipment used to transfer food and drink between the kitchen and individual rooms, as well as containing the food and drink in transit to comply with infection control standards.


Staffing levels will need to be restored, and if you have furloughed employees, a clear plan of how and when things can start to return to some kind of normal will be highly beneficial for confidence and morale. Employees will expect communications around this even if they are on furlough. After COVID-19, travellers are still going to be focused on clean, safe and secure environments. As a result, all businesses in the hotel sector are going to have to keep up with expectations, including:

  • Guest room hand sanitisers
  • Display of indoor air quality
  • Fresh-air systems
  • High-quality bedding
  • Carefully selected food supplies
  • Transportation vehicles cleaned and disinfected regularly

Making improvements in this area will inevitably boost client satisfaction, ratings, and quality standards - all of which are going to be essential in your recovery.


Consider your buyer’s behaviour and the fact that people have been self-isolating in their homes for long periods of time. It’s only natural that people are going to want to get out, travel, and make the most of their new found freedom, so make sure you have your buyer’s mindset at the forefront of your marketing plans.

Your ability to bounce back from COVID-19 will rely on the innovations and expertise of our partnerships and strategies. Working with suppliers that are willing to adapt and diversify, and keeping communication at the forefront of your operation will be key to your success.  A partnership with Foodbuy takes away those potential headaches and allows you to continue your planning, knowing that there is a fully robust procurement strategy in place.

If you’re looking to adapt and diversify your business contact us to start the conversation.