Light at the end of the tunnel for hotel groups

We appreciate the last few weeks have been tough for everyone associated with the hospitality sector – particularly for those in the hotel trade.

Here at Foodbuy, we’ve been working with our hotel clients to build their strategies for re-opening. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and as of today, this is not a train coming! We are all savvy enough to know that as hotels reopen – life will not return to the old normal. International tourism and business travel is likely to be stunted, meaning competition for occupancy - even in traditional hotspots like London - is going to be tougher than ever.

As well as coming to terms with a new different, for instance, the way food and beverages are prepared, served and cleared and PPE requirements for staff, hotels will need to work on the distinct points of difference that underpin their overall brand proposition.

This is where we can support

The old normal for many hotels was a standard offer from a regular procurement business. Our promise is to reimagine your procurement process. This means you can expect all the usual products with the usual savings a procurement partner offers, but also a degree of innovation and customisation that can support you to develop those points of difference that will really strengthen your offer.

When you partner with Foodbuy, we offer customisation, flexibility and of course savings. We connect our clients with the right suppliers for their business, and put together winning strategies to maximise value and reduce costs. We empower you to make the right supply chain choices for your business and offer you absolute transparency along the way.

So, as you plan your reopening, rather than going back to the old normal, why not take a look under the bonnet of what Foodbuy can offer? Feel free to contact us here.