Food security every step of the way with Epsys!

Food is an important part of everyone’s day.

But for residents in a care home, mealtimes are essential as they help to promote nutritional intake, support medicinal care and even provide socialisation. With an array of health conditions to consider, attention to detail is vital when sourcing food.

Ensuring the food you serve meets all the necessary allergen standards and requirements, with no hidden surprises or ingredients, is your bread and butter! But what if you had a system to streamline your supply chain and mitigate any risk of unwanted products slipping through the net?

Here’s five reasons why every care home needs a system like Epsys:

1. Food security

Having allergen and nutritional information to hand is vital within the care sector. Residents with food allergies are at a much higher risk of experiencing serious side effects should they consume specific allergens.

Natasha’s Law was introduced to protect allergy sufferers.

The law, which comes into effect from October 2021, will require businesses to provide full ingredient and allergen labelling on all foods which are pre-packed for direct sale. With Epsys, you can save time and comply with the legislation secure in the knowledge that the correct allergen information is up to date and always readily available. 

2. Financial control

Running a care home is costly, and we know food contributes a large part of that cost.

Epsys also allows you to track compliance and set budgets across your different sites, ultimately providing you with greater spend transparency! Not to mention - our three-way match module, built into our procure to pay (P2P) system, means you will only ever pay for what is received. It takes your purchase order, matches the quantities to your goods receipt, confirms the prices are correct before automatically requesting a credit from the supplier, if necessary.

3. Menu cards

Epsys provides your business with printable menu cards showing nutrition and allergen information. Our Recipe Module allows you to place food orders against both recipes and menus; meaning you know the exact cost of a meal and its ingredients before it’s even been made!

Use it to experiment with recipes, switch ingredients and ultimately, serve delicious, safe and cost-effective meals!

4. Traceability

Specialising in product and supply chain traceability, we work with Oritain to scientifically verify the origin of our food. Oritain work with our core suppliers for red meat, fish and seafood to carry out independent and trusted, scientific product analysis to determine the source and quality of products before we procure them. Find out more here!

5. Sustainability 

Our CSR add-on provides you with real-time metrics to help monitor and measure specific sustainability targets like food miles, local suppliers, food waste and much more. Supporting British and local suppliers is also really important to Foodbuy and our clients, with over 85% of our food coming from the UK and over 250 small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across our supply chain.

Care homes deserve transparency - and you deserve a streamlined supply chain that takes the headache away. Thanks to Epsys, you’ll never be left in the dark. Instead, you’ll be one step ahead of the game, with complete visibility, transparency and assurance across your entire supply chain.

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