A cost-effective food offer with Foodbuy

In light of the current pandemic and a movement into the post-Covid world, returning students will be even more conscious of your food offer and what it entails…

We have seen a major shift in the types of food that students are looking for. Increasingly, young people lean towards eating little and often, looking for ‘easy to grab’ foods, with swift contactless payment, before heading to their next lecture.

This is perfect at such a time where grab and go and contactless payments are quickly becoming a mandatory requirement!

Cost conscious consumers

Perhaps, the biggest factor though, is cost. In fact, studies show Generation Z (GenZ) have adopted a far more fiscally conservative approach, wanting to avoid debt or any types of financial hardship. Again, given the current climate, students are wise to be cost-efficient and smart with their funds as it’s not often you find a student that’s not tight for money.

Delivering quality solutions and savings, our case study on Oxford University is a perfect example of the strategies and innovations we provide to benefit your students, click here to find out more.

What can Foodbuy bring to the table?

We understand the complexities of providing food for students – particularly at a time where you may be trying to figure out how to even emerge back into your university. The path is certainly not a straight one, but let’s identify where we can help. Having already established one of the most important factors to students is cost, it’s important to remember this is based solely on financial pressures.

We’re able to source what you need at the highest quality and always at the best market value. But for us, true value does not stop at savings. We endeavour to source sustainable, local and socially – catering to your every need - freeing up your time to focus on delivering the very best student experience. 

Plus, with our fantastic e-procurement system, you can’t go wrong! Click here to find out what our clients had to say!

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