A Brexit-secure supply chain with Epsys

The UK has now left the EU and we are in a transition period until January 2021. Whilst the impact of Brexit on food tariffs, importing costs and port delays remains to be seen, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding food procurement and how best to adopt full visibility of your supply chain. There are many aspects to be considered so, we thought we’d tell you of three ways that Epsys, our specialist procure-to-pay (P2P) and e-procurement system, can give you full control whilst riding the Brexit wave!


  1. Control over ingredients:

As we edge closer to the 1 January 2021, you may be worried about potential delays or shortages of ingredients, an occurrence that could cause you stress as you seek to find alternatives. Epsys is designed to mitigate this stress by giving you full control and visibility of everything you are purchasing.

An extremely useful tool is our Menu Management module. The idea is that by engineering menus differently, you can mitigate pressure on certain key items, therefore combating rising costs and shortages while preserving the integrity of your dishes. Food orders can be placed against both recipes and menus; meaning you know the exact cost of a meal before it’s even been made. Chefs use it to experiment with recipes, switch out ingredients and ultimately, serve delicious meals within a tight budget.

  1. Control over allergens:

Avoiding certain allergens can be tricky, but hidden ingredients can be detrimental to the wellbeing of your consumer. So, in the event that a specific product is not available, panic can set in as you search suppliers, trying to find an alternative that fits your brief.

Epsys keeps you ahead of the game, giving you the freedom to keep hold of existing suppliers that provide the accreditation you require, or by suggesting other suppliers to choose from should an existing product become compromised.

  1. Control over cost:

Nobody wants to pay for goods they haven’t received, and as trade deals continue to be made your supply chain could see several shortages or delays. Our three-way match module, built into our P2P system, means you will only ever pay for what is received. It takes your purchase order, matches the quantities to your goods receipt, confirms the prices are correct and then automatically requests a credit from the supplier - if necessary.

Epsys also provides a suite of tools to track and control market fluctuations in pricing, as well as helping you to benchmark your pricing against industry averages. Really handy for identifying potential switches, building robust supplier negotiations and anticipating financial savings.

Build a Brexit safe supply chain with Foodbuy

We understand there are many changes yet to come in the wake of Brexit. It’s exactly why we embrace transparency across our entire business. So, if you’d like help getting extra control over your supply chain, start your Epsys journey by contacting us here!