Why Foodbuy Culinary Solutions is Your Next Step

12 April 2023

Ready to elevate your procurement? Foodbuy Culinary Solutions offers unrivalled insight, support, and development for culinary and foodservice companies.

When it comes to procurement, there’s always value to be found. Whether that's purchasing the best quality goods, ensuring consistency across your business, or upskilling individuals and teams to provide better futures and greater experiences for customers. Sometimes, having a helping hand with the business side of things makes it easier for you to keep adding value for your customers. 

But what does that look like?

Improved quality across the board

For a start, it’s having access to the best products on the market, innovation and growth in your kitchen, and always having the best quality ingredients and highest levels of service in your back pocket.

It’s attending forums with exciting new manufacturers and ingredients. And having healthy competitions where your best chefs can show off their skills. It's visits to the manufacturers that supply your goods. And unrivalled day-to-day supplier management support services.

This way, you can be confident in high-quality products, offer consistent customer satisfaction, and gain loyal customers who trust your service.

Great food that doesn’t come at a cost

Great tasting food makes for great customer experiences, but that shouldn’t be at the cost of your bottom line or the planet. Wouldn't you rather your menu be cost-effective, follow seasonal food and drink trends, and be sustainable? One that considers price, margin, allergens, and nutrition?

We help you develop new recipes and menus by taking the most innovative products — keeping sustainability and local provenance in mind — to provide dishes that deliver great margin. So, we can help you focus on creating purchasing value, grow manufacturer discounts, and create consistency across your offering.

Culinary teams that learn and grow together

And what about your team? They need to be catered for as much as your customers as after all, a happy workforce is a strong workforce, and they deserve resources to nurture their talent.

Foodbuy offers many initiatives to support the delivery of future menu concepts and encourages skilled chefs to stick around – from interactive cooking classes that look at innovation, food trends and develop chef skills, to placements at iconic venues and kitchens around the UK.

Recognising and retaining talent

Nurturing that talent is what’s best for everyone, but so is retaining that talent. The best way to do that is through engaging experiences and mentorship to keep them keen and invested in your team.

Imagine a curated ‘Food Safari’ tour around some of the best foodie heaven sites in the UK. Or sending your best talents on a guided trip around one of the world’s most famous food markets, Rungis, in Paris. Or meeting twice a year with Foodbuy’s very own Culinary Director, Nick Vadis, for his ‘future leaders’ mentorship programme.

Our promise is to always provide you with market-leading procurement solutions to help you buy and operate smarter and our Foodbuy Culinary solutions has this at its heart.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help by emailing Gordon Turner at Gordon.Turner@foodbuy.co.uk.