We’ve surpassed 250 clean drinking water projects

Foodbuy and Compass Group UK & Ireland have surpassed a major social procurement milestone by funding 250 clean drinking water projects through its sales of bottled water.

Foodbuy and its client, Compass Group UK & Ireland, work with Drop4Drop, a leading charity funding clean drinking water projects for communities in need. The partnership, in place since 2014, sees every bottle of Life Water sold across its clients fund the installation of wells and infrastructure for communities across India and Africa.

The clean water transforms lives, creates opportunities and lays the foundations to a brighter future. Drop4Drop also commit to employing local labourers and heavily involving the community through training, maintenance and hygiene. This means the benefits to the community are far-reaching and long-term.

Last month, Foodbuy and Compass surpassed an incredible 250 completed projects through its partnership with Drop4Drop. It is estimated that over 268,000 people now have access to clean drinking water thanks to the partnership. Additionally, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Drop4Drop team on the ground in many locations were given essential worker status, enabling the installation of emergency hand-wash stations in communities, to provide the necessary facilities to fight the spread of the virus as well as other diseases and illnesses.

Each completed project is dedicated to an individual, client or cause with the landmark 250th project dedicated to Steve Cenci, Managing Director for Healthcare at Compass Group UK & Ireland, in honour of his team’s efforts throughout the pandemic. The project was completed for a community in Mpigi district, southern Uganda, a region visited by Steve and other colleagues in 2017.

Steve Cenci, Managing Director for Healthcare at Compass Group UK & Ireland

“I was fortunate enough to visit Uganda to see, at first hand, the difference these vital projects make. The villagers explained what they needed to do to fetch water. It involved a 3km walk to a dirty water hole which often carried water borne disease leading to illness. I was humbled and so happy to see the practical difference this and other fresh, water wells make to daily life. Working with Drop4Drop we’ve been able to transform the lives of over 268,000 people, through this worthy partnership. Of course, Medirest is immensely proud to be a small part of this -

Simon Konecki, Founder of Life Water UK 

“Despite the circumstances, and on behalf of Life Water and Drop4Drop, I want to thank you all so much for your continued support and for assisting us on our mission to alleviate the world water crisis.”



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