We’ve reached 300 well milestone to help people access clean water

17 November 2022

Foodbuy and Compass Group UK & Ireland have supported the Drop4Drop charity to fund 300 clean drinking water projects through our client’s sales of Life Water products.

Having originally collaborated with Life Water and its charity, Drop4Drop in 2014, the partnership sees every Life Water product sold across the organisation go towards funding the installation of wells, alongside infrastructure for communities in developing countries. The charity supports accountable, effective and efficient provision of clean water, which transforms lives, creates opportunities and lays the foundations for a brighter future. Drop4Drop also commits to employing local labourers and heavily involving the community through training, maintenance and hygiene. This means the benefits to the community are far-reaching and long-term.

The landmark 300th well has now been opened and celebrated as part of the partnership, with the milestone dedicated to Compass’ Retail sector, for their support. The well is in Kanlur SC village, Tamil Nadu in India – which has a population of nearly 800 people. It is estimated that 322, 351 people now have access to clean drinking water thanks to the overall Compass partnership.

J.Bujjamma, a community member in the village said:The new water project in our village is a great support to all the members of our Kanlur SC village. We had been in great suffering by bringing the water from distant areas and also on our foreheads with great struggle. Now, the water is at our nearby streets and we are able to bring the water to our home without much difficulty, which we never thought would be possible.”

Karl Atkins, Managing Director, Foodbuy said: “I’m very proud that Foodbuy can be a part of Life Water and Drop4Drop’s journey to provide safe drinking water to communities who need it the most. Through our partnership, we are to help fund these crucial clean drinking water projects that will provide lasting improvements to communities and help make a difference in people’s lives.

Andy Jones, Managing Director, Compass Retail said: “This is a cause that is very close to my heart, having been fortunate enough to visit a project we helped fund several years ago. I was able to see and experience the difference clean water can make to a community and I am very proud that we continue this crucial partnership, that helps make a difference to so many lives.”

Simon Konecki, Life Water & Drop4Drop Founder, said: “We are so proud of our partnership with Compass Group UK & Ireland and Foodbuy. Reaching 300 clean drinking water projects is an absolutely incredible milestone, we are so grateful for Compass’ and Foodbuy’s ongoing support and the hundreds of thousands of lives changed over the years! We are excited to continue this journey together and to keep providing clean water to those who need it across the globe, thank you to Compass and Foodbuy for their dedication to ending the World Water Crisis.”