Three ways a Hotel Executive can save money

The hotel industry is colossal. Abound with skyscrapers and luxury penthouse suites, we understand that complete success as a Hotel Executive is a tough nut to crack – but there are solutions, proven to deliver results, and we’re here to tell you what those are.


Take a look around your team, you’ve got some “smart cookies”, haven’t you? Those same cookies could potentially cut your training costs in half! Cross-training staff is an excellent way to utilise their skills and infuse them with knowledge so, in turn, they can train other staff members, ergo saving you time and training bills! Although take caution as to not over-burden those staff members, make room to alleviate tasks that may not be so flexible alongside their new training role.

Cut the fat with marketing

So often, in a position of power it’s easy to say you want the biggest logos, the flashiest website, leaflets and brochures lining the streets. But, are you really making a good return on your investment? Ask yourself the million-dollar question - is your presence on social media as elaborate as it could be?  If the answer is no, then that should be your starting point. There are millions of people across the globe using social to search for top hotels, look for mini breaks to Paris, long weekends in New York, draining every last drop of information from that very first page on Google. Make use of a resource that is readily available, free and extremely effective. 

Crunch the numbers

Last but not least, conduct a thorough expense analysis. You’ve probably heard this before, it may even seem like common knowledge, but it is highly beneficial. Take a seat and crunch some numbers, maybe your IT budget has taken a topple, or maybe it’s just risen costs that are out of your control. Better yet, with Foodbuy as your food procurement provider, we have access to an array of data that can tell us exactly what’s working, as well as what isn’t.

With trusted supply partners and shorter supply chains, we ensure full transparency and security when it comes to cost control. Combine that with our market-leading eProcurement systems, giving you a complete view of your procurement spend, and you’ll soon have full visibility of what’s happening across your entire portfolio.

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