The Growth of Veganism


Veganism has skyrocketed in recent years, with more vegans than ever before in the UK. But is this trend being driven by consumers becoming more environmentally conscious, or does veganism genuinely possess health benefits for all of us?

The number of vegans in the UK has experienced astronomical growth year on year, with events like ‘Veganuary’ persuading others to take a more flexitarian style diet, especially after an indulgent Christmas and New year.


Research has found that a vegan diet, over an omnivorous diet, can offer many health benefits including:

  • Lower body mass index (BMI) indicating a lower risk of obesity
  • Lower cholesterol levels indicating a lower risk of heart attacks and stroke
  • Lower fasting bloody sugar levels indicating a lower risk of diabetes

However, vegans also run the risk of deficiencies in certain nutrients. Below are



  • Make sure you’re aware of your nutrients and which vegan sources they might be hiding in
  • Consume some fortified foods, in other words those vegan foods that have additional nutrients added
  • If you’re concerned about missing the adequate nutrients, ask your health professional who may be able to recommend a supplement if required
  • It’s still possible to consume high levels of fat and sugar on a vegan diet, so, watch out for these in fried foods and sweet treats
  • For recipe inspiration, check out our partners at Nourished Life here. Head to Recipes and filter by 'vegan'. One of our favourites is the Spicy Coconut Broth Bowl