The benefits of outsourcing your procurement

There is much to be considered when it comes to outsourcing your procurement, especially if you have always held it in-house. Of course, with change comes concern, so it’s completely natural to be thinking; 

  • ‘Will I have to eliminate my existing team?’
  • ‘Will my targets and goals be understood?’ 
  • ‘Will outsourcing really save me money?’

We appreciate these concerns, so when it comes to looking at outsourcing, for instance your food procurement, here’s a few things to bear in mind.

  1. Accelerated performance. Your existing procurement team will have gone through the process of forming new partnerships dozens of times. This is good news as it means a procurement partner will have access to significant amounts of information that will accelerate what can often be slow processes, for instance establishing who to target. 

2. True collaboration. Drawing on knowledge and guidance from your existing team will also allow your procurement partner to depict your goals and targets, enabling them to develop strategies that in turn will bring value and efficiency to your business. Collaborating to understand targets is a pivotal part of ensuring a beneficial partnership. 

3. A fresh pair of eyes. A procurement partner will also be able to analyse and assess which partners are costing the most money and whether the quality of product justifies the price and service you are receiving. Quite often you may think you’re paying for a high-quality product, when in actual fact you’re paying for a lengthy and often unnecessary process that results in a mediocre product. 

4. Trust. In this industry you earn your stripes. Trust is built on relationships and reassurance, but it’s won over by reputation. The most important thing is clear and transparent information on what is supplied and where it has come from. No unwelcome surprises.

5. Innovation. Procurement partners are driven by expertise and experience in the industry. That’s what allows them to move faster and smarter to get to solutions quicker. Find one who’s willing to roll up their sleeves and work hard to achieve everything that you’ve set out to do.

Outsourcing your food procurement
Here at Foodbuy, credibility is everything to us. Through our network of trusted partners, we’re able to source what you need at the highest quality and always at the best market value. But for us, true value does not stop at savings.  

We use our buying strength, our systems and our people to reimagine the art of possible for your business. We dream big for you and help make visions a reality, using supply chains to unlock opportunities that go further than your bottom line. 

For more information on how you can embrace this opportunity, contact us here.