Supporting the healthcare sector with our robust supply chain

As the Owner or Manager of a successful Care Home group, we appreciate that you could be experiencing an undue amount of pressure and stress at the current time. Can we help alleviate it?

We are undoubtedly living and working in unprecedented times, with challenges and strains right across the Health and Care sector.

At Foodbuy, we work with the widest range of care home groups, both large, medium and small, including some of our longest serving clients like Royal British Legion and Sisters of Nazareth. We ensure that even in the most testing times their supply chains for food and a wide range of non-food categories flow freely and remain uncompromised.

We work in partnership with them to ensure that life in their care homes is as stimulating and fulfilling as possible for residents and that all food surplus is nutritious, varied and tastes fantastic. We also supply a full range of non-food items to help the smooth operational management of their businesses.

If you have found your regular supply chains compromised or are concerned about their durability and need to plan a contingency, we would be happy to explore how we can serve you.

We’re here to help in any way we can, whether that’s finding you the right support now or planning for the future.

Contact Brooke Pinkney on 01822 813605 to explore the possibilities or contact us here.