Serving up industry-leading food service and cost savings across sectors!

Food represents one of the most important pillars of the day-to-day customer experience, bringing people together whilst nourishing bodies and minds.

But the foodservice industry is facing down the barrel of one of its biggest challenges to date.

A rising tide of financial pressure associated with the Covid crisis paired with the heightened importance of allergen awareness and management, such as Natasha’s Law, has placed greater emphasis on achieving cost reductions and control over ingredients across sectors, in order to mitigate a potential threat to the quality of customer experience.

In light of recent developments, there is much to be considered, thankfully here at Foodbuy we’ve got you covered!



  • The cost of ingredients
  • The cost of sundries (think PPE, disposable items, cleaning products etc.)
  • The cost of administration (labour)

Achieving cost efficiencies relies on an ability to influence the associated costs of these factors, and better still, reduce them.

Historically, assuming full ‘true cost’ transparency, these costs existed with little to no variance between suppliers and food service providers. Simply put, an onion cost roughly the same for everyone!

That was, however, until we launched Foodbuy

Introducing Foodbuy

With over 200 food procurement experts working across 70 specialist categories, Foodbuy represents the most powerful purchasing force in the Foodservice Industry.

Leveraging over £1billion worth of annual spend, cost savings go further than food and beverages, with an extensive and far-reaching non-food portfolio providing Clients with access to savings on day-to-day necessities such as PPE, chemicals, and sanitisation equipment.

Coupled with a forensic level of cost transparency, Foodbuy represents the lowest cost option to foodservice providers throughout the UK currently procuring both Food & Non-Food items.


EPSYS, our market-leading eProcurement and P2P system, provides clarity and security when it comes to food, whilst keeping costs down and giving businesses back control of their entire operation. EPSYS also provides culinary staff with the opportunity to design their menus specifically around the ingredients hand-picked from preferred suppliers.

Your teams then have one simple system where they can place and manage all their orders with full procurement, processing, and payment visibility, removing the need for phone or email orders. Impressively smart and easy.

Used and trusted by a whole host of organisations, from single location operations to group portfolios, EPSYS has been specifically developed to cope with the complexities of the hospitality industry.

  1. Access stock usage reports helping you monitor all aspects of your operation
  2. Ensure you are not overcharged with automated invoice checking
  3. Save time and comply with new legislations with access to up-to-date nutritional and allergen data on food ingredients
  4. Reduce buying costs through greater price change visibility 
  5. Only ever pay for what is received with our built-in three-way match module
  6. Identification of delivery errors with automatic credit requests 
  7. Protected from over-ordering by various approval hierarchies and/or in-built budget control
  8. Give you an accurate stock valuation, crucial for working out gross profit
  9. Help you with the costing of recipes using real-time product pricing
  10. Restrict products/suppliers by site – no maverick spends


Remember that onion reference earlier? From sofrito’s to pies, sauces to salads, this unsung hero is a staple of ’00s of classic recipes.

A.H. Worth is our main supplier of onions. The fourth-generation family business runs a farm of 6,500 acres and have been in operation for over 100 years. The business has operated a sustainable 8-year rotation including our supply of onions which are 100% Red Tractor assured all year round.

They’re versatile too, sourcing over 20 different varieties of onions that can withstand different lengths of storage and growing conditions.

But why does this all matter?

Foodbuy purchases around 500 tonnes of onions every year.

In doing so, we’re able to utilise unrivalled economies of scale to lower the cost of supplying these onions to our clients. It’s not complicated, but it is an effective way of reducing costs without sacrificing the product. Apply this methodology across thousands of ingredients and numerous spend categories and the savings begin to grow...


Let’s not forget the true cost of delivering food services; it’s not just limited to ingredients and supplies.

There’s menu planning, allergen management, ordering, and administration requirements across a national portfolio. Doing so diligently takes considerable time and resources to deliver ‘in-house.’

So, Foodbuy does all the heavy lifting, assuming full responsibility for sourcing and purchasing within a fixed budget, as well as taking accountability for the more time-consuming tasks, such as food chain compliance management.

With staff turnover levels rising, every hour gained is another that can be spent focusing on what’s important: providing a world-class customer experience.

To book a full EPSYS demonstration and consultation, please connect directly with our Sales and Retention Director Suzy Newman here on LinkedIn or contact our sales team at