Reflecting on the positive prosperity of 2019


As we turn our focus to the year ahead and marvel at the prospects of 2020, let’s take one last look at the top 10 positive changes of 2019! 

- Sea turtles made a comeback with worldwide populations increasing by 980% thanks to the Endangered Species Act! 

- Seven eggs from the world’s last remaining Northern White Rhino have been successfully fertilised. This may save the species!

- Peru committed to ending palm oil-driven deforestation by 2021! 

- The African Development Bank (AfDB) Solar project in Africa aims to connect 90 million people to electricity for the first time, lifting them out of poverty! 

- Rice farmers across the globe are using ducks, instead of harmful pesticides, to eradicate insects and weeds from their crops! 

- Renewable energy sources now account for around a third of all global power capacity! 

- In Rome you can now pay for Metro train tickets with plastic bottles. More than 350,000 bottles have been recycled to date! 

- Thai supermarkets now say NO to plastic packaging and instead wrap all produce in banana leaves!

- An Amazonian tribe won a legal battle against oil companies, preventing drilling in the Amazon Rainforest!

- The UK has reduced its carbon emissions for the sixth year in a row. The last time emissions were this low was 1888. 

2019 saw an incredible movement in the quest to look after our planet, and here at Foodbuy we fully support the cause. We look forward to making our own positive contributions throughout 2020!