Providing access to clean drinking water

We’re proud to support the charity Drop4Drop, which has so far seen us help 160,000 people get access to clean drinking water through our client’s sales of bottled water. Drop4Drop provides clean drinking water in developing countries by building wells for local communities. The wells are funded through our client’s sales of Life Water and Smartwater. We have helped fund 124 wells across India, Uganda and Mozambique.

We teamed up with Drop4Drop because we believe that everyone should have access to clean drinking water, and through our work as a leading food and food related procurement business, we can make a real difference.

We’re really proud of all of the projects we have helped fund, supporting communities in the developing world. By providing clean water, people are able to have healthier lives and use their time more productively – instead of spending hours each day gathering water, there is more time for education and employment.

Find out more about some of the wells we have funded here: