Mission Gender Equity and Mission Include

7 February 2024

Mission Gender Equity and Mission Include are the world’s largest cross-company mentoring programmes, delivered by Moving Ahead in partnership with the 30% Club campaign. Since 2014, Moving Ahead has supported over 20,000 participants from 60 countries across 30 sectors and hundreds of organisations – including a third of the UK FTSE100.

These programmes are a powerful way to advance workplace diversity, equity and inclusion on a global scale. The unique, cross-company approach creates exposure to fresh perspectives and alternative ways of working.

Over a period of nine months, mentors and mentees meet regularly, engage with live and digital events, listen to world-class speakers delivering thought-provoking and educational content, receive mentoring training and online learning and have the opportunity to network and build new relationships.

Our parent company, Compass Group UK&I, is part of the 30% Club - which aims to achieve at least 30% representation of women on all boards and C-suites globally. This marks the fourth year of Compass Group employees’ participation, with over 150 pairs completing the mentoring programme.

Sabina Khanom, Group Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion commented on the programme:

“Participating in the 30% Club Cross Company Mentoring Programme is one of the ways we are investing and developing our people. It’s an inspiring and rewarding programme which not only empowers our colleagues but equips them with the tools to navigate their career, helping to set them up for future success. The programme has been proven to be powerful and practical to help create equity throughout organisations.

Past mentors and mentees have reported they gained greater self-awareness and confidence.  Colleagues also highlighted it was an opportunity to reflect and be intentional about their careers and future aspirations.”

We’re delighted that several Foodbuy colleagues are joining this year’s programme as Mentors and Mentees. Let’s hear from the Mentor:

Andy Porter – COO, Foodbuy

“Mentors have played an active role in helping to shape my career so I understand the value it can bring and wanted to give something back by providing others the opportunity to benefit from the experience I have gained in the workplace over 30+ years.  This will be my 3rd year as a mentor on the programme, the first two years on Mission Gender Equity and this coming year on Mission Include. 

I see being a mentor on the programme as a chance for me to promote diversity and inclusion by proactive involvement. There has been some good progress in the workplace over recent years, but there is more to do and a diverse workplace is a stronger/better one. Through being a mentor on the programme, I will become better informed of the issues impacting this agenda and this will help my understanding and actions.

Success for me is receiving feedback from my mentee at the end of the programme that I have been able to help them make progress toward achieving their goals and overcoming any obstacles they may face along the way.”

Now let’s hear from the Mentees

Stephanie Pereira, Impact Analyst – Climate and Environment - Foodbuy

“I enjoy being part of an organisation that values diversity. I am eager to help Compass Group grow and I believe that having a diverse workforce is critical to this, which is supported by research from the World Economic Forum, which found that companies with above average diversity scores drive 45% average revenue from innovation, versus companies with below average diversity scores driving only 26%. Also, a McKinsey & Company study showed that companies with diverse workforces are more likely to outperform their competitors. As a result, I am excited to be part of a programme that promotes diversity and develops and supports individuals from minority groups in Compass Group.

The mentoring programme presents me with an incredible opportunity to gain new perspectives, develop new skills, and broaden my networking opportunities. These are all essential for my personal and professional growth and will provide me with the support and guidance I need to fulfil my career aspirations.

In the future, as I continue to grow and develop I would like to be a mentor to colleagues from minority backgrounds. I hope this will increase diversity in the workforce amongst all levels and help strengthen a culture of learning and development within the company.”

Katy Chung, Digital Communications Assistant – Foodbuy

“I believe that mentorship is a powerful catalyst for individual development, and I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to receive guidance from an experienced mentor within the programme. I’m eager to draw inspiration from their wealth of experience to gain a broader perspective, helping to push me towards career growth and development. By participating in this mentorship programme, I hope to gain valuable perspectives that will not only shape my career but also contribute to the broader goal of creating a more diverse and vibrant industry.”

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