Join us this ‘Stop Food Waste Day’

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

One third of all food produced globally is lost or wasted every year. This food could otherwise feed millions of people who are malnourished and living in poverty.

As the largest food procurement business in the UK, we feel it’s our duty not only to act, but also encourage others around us to change behaviours and reduce the amount of food they waste. 

Wednesday, 28 April 2021 is Stop Food Waste Day - an international day of action in the fight against food waste. Launched in 2017 by our parent company, Compass Group, the initiative sees Compass businesses around the world acting to address this global problem.

What we are doing

At Foodbuy, we continue to innovate across our supply chain to tackle this global problem. Working closely with our clients, we ensure we are sourcing food in the most sustainable way, partnering with social enterprises and suppliers who put sustainability at the heart of their business.

Examples of our partnerships include Toast Ale - the social enterprise that brews craft beer with fresh surplus fresh bread and pours all profits into food waste charities – as well as Rubies in the Rubble, a sustainable food brand who are making delicious condiments from surplus ingredients that would otherwise go to waste.

And when food surplus does unfortunately occur, we partner with FareShare, the UK’s largest charity fighting food waste. We donate surplus food to FareShare who in turn, redistribute it to those who need it most. 
Ian Murphy, Managing Director at Foodbuy

“Stop Food Waste Day is a very important day for both Compass and Foodbuy. We’re incredibly passionate about making a difference in food waste and we want to use this day to highlight and promote the activities and initiatives that we as an organisation are doing to tackle this global issue”.

Together, let’s fight food waste

This Stop Food Waste Day, on Wednesday, 28 April, join us by pledging to make every day a stop food waste day. Together, let's fight this global problem. 

Find out more and take the pledge: