How EPSYS is taking the Hospitality sector by storm!

As we see demand return, the hospitality sector is experiencing a new challenge with labour shortages and rising labour costs. We understand that with the buying process, there are a lot of tasks such as checking stock, managing menus and placing orders that can be extremely labour intensive.

With our market-leading eProcurement and P2P system, EPSYS can streamline the buying process so that your business can focus on its number one priority – providing the best dining experience possible.

Used and trusted by a whole host of organisations, from single location operations to group portfolios, EPSYS has been specifically developed to cope with the complexities of the hospitality industry. EPSYS streamlines the workload associated with processing potentially thousands of financial transactions and maximises the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the buying process, saving you time and money.

Automating time-consuming buying processes, translates directly into cost savings.
Integrate seamlessly with existing business or finance software, giving you full visibility and transparency of spend across your portfolio.

10 ways EPSYS system saves time and money

  1. Access stock usage reports to help you monitor all aspects of your operation
  2. Ensure you are not overcharged with automated invoice checking
  3. Save time and comply with new legislations with access to up-to-date nutritional and allergen data on food ingredients
  4. Reduce buying costs through greater price change visibility
  5. Only ever pay for what is received with our built-in three-way match module
  6. Identification of delivery errors with automatic credit requests
  7. Protected from over-ordering by various approval hierarchies and/or in-built budget control
  8. Give you accurate stock valuation, crucial for working out gross profit
  9. Help you with costing of recipes using real time product pricing
  10. Restrict products/suppliers by site – no maverick spends

EPSYS revolutionises the way in which foodservice and hospitality businesses manage their operations by creating streamlined, fully flexible, cost-effective solutions that work for the intricacies of your business.

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