We can help improve your hot beverage offer and your profit


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Jonathan Wright, Head of Category – Hot Beverages, Bakery & Vending at Foodbuy commented: “The best possible price is of course crucial, but our goal is to add value at every stage with our clients.”

Foodbuy delivers a multi-faceted service – we believe that getting the very best products at the very best prices is just the start of the story, and nowhere is this truer than in the hot beverage category.

We always look for partners that can support us in our goal to add value, in terms of experience and insights as well as quality. A great example of this is the partnership we have forged with UCC Coffee. They’re a family owned company with the experience and scale to deliver coffee excellence at all levels. Their mission is simple – to create the best coffee experience, whenever and wherever it’s brewed. As well as sourcing from the most renowned growers and regions across the coffee belt, they also have their own microlot plantations and roast the finest beans in their own UK roasteries. They combine this dedication to quality with an insight driven approach.

Their insights, combined with our own from across the hot beverage category, means that a partnership with Foodbuy not only gives you access to great prices but also instant added value.

Whether it’s refreshing your range to cater for emerging trends, like premium tea or delivering training to make sure your hot beverage offer is being executed to perfection, we will work with you to drive both revenue and profit.

We also work behind the scenes to deliver hot beverage expertise and support clients to access compelling offers and the latest innovation.

100 million reasons we know about hot bevs

Collectively, our clients sell over 100 million cups of coffee and buy more than 140 million tea bags every year. That’s enough to make our clients the fourth largest coffee retailer in the UK! By working with us and tapping into our procurement deals you can benefit from these economies of scale.

Now is the time to plan your seasonal drinks menu

With Christmas coming, now is the time to plan your seasonal drinks menu. Seasonal drinks are anything sold for a specific time period and for a specific reason e.g. gingerbread lattes at Christmas or iced smoothies in the summer. According to Allegra research, 9 out of 10 adults will buy something purely because of the season. The best part is that these purchases are usually incremental!

Seasonal drinks are an essential part of any hot beverage menu. Whether you have been serving freshly brewed iced tea during the hot summer or are planning gingerbread latte at Christmas, your customers expect to see a seasonal drinks range, provide this and it will have a huge impact on your sales.

Syrups are key to seasonal trading

We asked our colleagues at UCC Coffee for their top tip for seasonal trading – and syrups was the answer.  They are a great way to introduce seasonal hot and cold drinks to your range and keep things fresh and exciting. Nine out of 10 adults say they would buy something purely because of the season, with the majority being incremental purchases. 

Consumers expect to see syrups in coffee shops, they are considered to be a premium addition and should be priced accordingly with consumers paying around 30% more on seasonal vs core. 

So, you can see the Foodbuy team are not just about volume. Yes, we buy over 400 tonnes of coffee beans every year, but we believe profit and provenance can, and should, work hand in hand. Combine this with our commitment to providing insights driven advice to support your business goals and you’re joining a winning team.

 Talk to us about how we can help you maximise profit across the hot beverage category: info@foodbuy.co.uk