Helping our clients get the most from their retail and hospitality spaces

9 May 2024

Are you looking for ways to drive sales and create a seamless shopping experience for your customers? At Foodbuy, our retail optimisation support doesn’t just enhance spaces, it unlocks opportunities for our clients, helping them make the most of their retail and hospitality spaces from both commercial and customer perspectives.

Understanding how we as consumers ‘shop’ a space, be that within the retail or hospitality, can have huge benefits for selling. We can harness this understanding to make customer experiences as beneficial as possible, driving sales and volume.

Our dedicated team means we can guide our clients using these helpful principles. Part of this has involved creating and rolling out a Retail Principles Guide. The guide distils the key information on how to maximise the commercial potential of our client’s spaces, educating them on the psychology and principles behind using space to drive sales and improve customer experience. By taking the time to visit individual client sites, the team add huge value and expert insight.

Our Retail Optimisation Manager, Anthony Mitchell, said:

“I am incredibly passionate about the retail space and have been in it in various forms since I was 14. I’m passionate about what I do and am working hard to bring some of the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my career so far into our business. Ultimately, this will help to drive sales, volume growth and a better customer experience for our sectors and clients.”


Here are a few top tips from our Retail Optimisation Manager, Anthony Mitchell:

  1. Make customer’s decision-making process easier – this can drive basket spend, for example ensuring all lunch time meal deal products are adjacent to each other or key confectionary items next to coffee machines.
  2. Drive space effectiveness – make sure all elements within a range are in the correct amount of space relative to their importance and popularity.
  3. Shout about the right products within a range – why lead in with your ‘least good’ products? It is better to lead in with the most premium/important elements and create a flow that is Best à Better à
  4. Nudge Principles – utilise proven psychology principles when looking at pricing, describing and highlighting products. This is especially relevant within hospitality spaces.


As a leading UK food procurement organisation, we’re proud to be using our influence to embed social value across the globe and use our business for good.

We feel it is important to push these values across all areas of Foodbuy, which is why we have recently been supporting our largest client, Compass Group UK&I, in raising the visibility of products which do good. This includes Social Enterprise and B Corp items. So far, this has involved creating and implementing some simple yet innovative shelf edge label icons to help identify and raise awareness of specific items. This valuable concept is now being taken up by a range of clients, enabling them to enhance their customer offerings while championing socially conscious suppliers.

This retail optimisation expertise is just one of the ways in which we go the extra mile to support and drive value for our clients.

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