Getting more bang for your buck: hear from the experts on delivering efficient procurement operations

7 June 2023

At Foodbuy, we’re proud of our ability to deliver exceptional procurement solutions for our clients. Our expertise in managing supplier performance and maintaining high levels of service ensures that our clients receive the best possible experience and the right support with any supply chain challenge. 

And what better way to showcase this than to hear from the experts that make Foodbuy what it is. So, we caught up with our Head of Commercial Supply Chain, Fergus Meehan, and our Head of Category Business Management, Emily Williams.

As an expert in supply chain management, Fergus, how do you monitor supplier performance?

“Well, we like to take an approach that covers everything, from delivery service levels to product quality, with a focus on three key elements: ‘first-time in full’ deliveries, stock availability, and product quality. This ensures our clients receive the high-quality products they need when they need them.”

And what do we do to maintain supplier relationships and performances?

“For key suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors we host daily and weekly service reports which help us flag issues as they arise. We also hold weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetings with suppliers to maintain strong relationships and improve communications.

For all our new clients, we have daily and weekly calls with key suppliers during our ‘New Account Hypercare’ phase. We know these methods work because we’ve seen great improvements in delivery service levels and availability over the last 3-6 months coming out of supply chain challenges around COVID and driver shortages.”

Have we helped any suppliers improve performance by changing the way we deliver?

“Yes! We review weekly drop numbers to become more efficient. And when necessary, we've leaned on trusted partners to help us move product on very late notice. We always support clients in reviewing their average delivery frequency, values, and volumes, as well as the percentage of split products, which has driven huge cost savings for our clients.

On top of that, when specific products are hard to get hold of (e.g., eggs due to an outbreak of avian influenza), we offer culinary and menu support to help clients overcome these supply chain challenges. An example of this is our partnership with OGGS®, a provider of plant-based egg substitutes that taste great and do good. Working with OGG®, we aim to educate and inspire our operators about our plant-based egg alternatives, the dishes they can create, and the huge impact on nutrition and carbon footprints by this switch.”

Over to our Head of Category Business Management, Emily Williams!

How does Foodbuy cater for the varied demand across the product range?

“Choice is everything, so we work with over 2000 suppliers and 30 wholesalers across the business. This way, we can identify the right suppliers and wholesalers based on clients' needs and hit every requirement. If a client has a bespoke request, we'll work hard to source it and deliver exactly what they need!”

From a category business management perspective, what do we do to maintain customer service levels?

“Our Category Business Management team is a dedicated team for our Foodbuy clients to ensure competitive and compelling offerings and help our clients to identify opportunities to drive commercial value. Our role is to work in partnership with our clients on joint initiatives and to drive commercial value and efficiencies. We act as the bridge between our wider procurement team consisting of 55 categories, sourcing and supply chain experts and your dedicated client account management team.

We ensure that all procurement programmes and supplier terms meet the individual needs of our clients and are the voice of your needs when we go out to market or are tendering a product category. We will also work in collaboration with your client account manager to deliver optimisation programmes, category reviews and supplier or product innovation in line with our shared business goals.”

Finally, what can you tell us about the reporting and contract benefits Foodbuy clients get?

“From product sales and performance reports to market insight, trends, industry data, and movements, we make sure our clients have what they need to succeed. We also have the best expertise, from account management to culinary, menu, and recipe management always on hand to help.”

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