Fuel for thought

We are all aware that as humans we perform better when we feel at our best, but it’s common knowledge that for most of us, the days where we feel our best are fairly few and far between. In the past we’ve tried to lift our mood with copious amounts of caffeine, a couple of oranges for a hit of vitamin C, followed by a bar of chocolate for a dose of sugar. All in an attempt to try and shake that sleepy mood and get our minds in gear. 

With society becoming busier by the minute, and most people living at 100mph, the role of food and drink in affecting mood is an area of growing interest, especially to people working in food procurement. So, what have food manufacturers done to cater for a wilting population? 

Healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are essential in order to be able to fully function and keep going for longer, which explains why the global functional foods & beverage market is anticipated to grow by around 8% annually through 2021, according to the Technavio Global Functional Foods & Beverage Market Report. 

One important aspect of culinary fuel that manufacturers are working hard to source is cognitive enhancing ingredients to boost brain power. In the Mintel global food & drink trend outlook report for 2018, mood-specific or emotional benefits qualified as one of its top five trends and health & added benefits are at the forefront of peoples’ minds when it comes to the food and drink they choose. Whether it be probiotics, omega 3, added fruits and vegetables or mood boosting ingredients, the role of food and drink in affecting mood is an area of growing interest.

Food is more than just fuel now, with Eat Dream Be calming snack bars made with nutrients and herbs designed to connect your dreaming and waking lives, Tesco’s ‘wind down’ tea suggesting a positive impact on mood and emotional wellbeing, Twining’s Digest tea, designed to aid digestion and lessen bloating after consuming a heavy meal – not forgetting Purely Elizabeth’s range of granola bars containing powdered mushrooms, with each flavour claiming to promote a different functional benefit. 

Typically - just like any new and upcoming trend, this will have an effect on your food procurement operations. Striving to find a service that offers a wide range to cater for a variety of trends, whilst being time and cost effective is a rare but valuable find, in a stereotypically strained industry. Here at Foodbuy we take out the guesswork and only provide you with services that we believe are suited to your absolute wants and needs.

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