From Crop to Cup: Our partnership with UCC Coffee


For a number of years, we have been partnered with UCC Coffee, who provide us with high quality coffee and coffee related equipment. Our scale as a group procurement organisation means UCC Coffee supply us with over 400 tonnes of coffee beans each year – equivalent to over 25 million cups. We work together to ensure only the finest, freshest products are delivered and offered to our customers. 

We always look for foodservice suppliers that can support us in our goal to add value, in terms of experience and insights, as well as quality. Being a family owned company with the experience and scale to deliver coffee excellence at all levels, UCC Coffee’s mission is to create outstanding coffee experiences for the most dynamic businesses. 

As well as sourcing from the most renowned growers and regions across the coffee market, they also have their own microplot plantations and roast the finest beans in their own roastery in Kent. They combine this dedication to quality throughout their total coffee solution with an insight driven approach, they know exactly what consumers want and when they want it –as the seasons change so can turnover from hot drink sales. 

We asked UCC Coffee what exactly is the key to keeping sales elevated throughout the year, their answer – creating memorable coffee experiences. This could be through consistently great execution, or by offering add-ons like syrups and seasonal flavours. Consumers are likely to pay 30% more for a seasonal beverage and it’s information like this that enables us to support our clients to meet consumer demand all year round.

Insights from UCC Coffee, combined with our own from across the hot beverage category, means a partnership with Foodbuy not only gives you access to great prices but also instant added value. Operating in the food and beverage industry is no small feat, it requires diligence, discipline, and an eye for innovation. Which is why we feel that to become successful, it is imperative to develop partnerships that go from strength to strength whilst remaining transparent and mutually beneficial.

For more information on a partnership with Foodbuy, contact us here.