Fresh vs Frozen


We have this idea that frozen isn’t organic, natural or of high quality, and as humans we trust something we can smell. We use our senses to tell us whether something is safe, and with frozen food we lose that ability. 

For ‘home cookers’ and lovers of organic, the idea of frozen produce is one that tends to be met with a chorus of screwed up faces, we’ve been conditioned to oppose any food product that was originally fresh, down to the belief that freezing food lessens its nutritional value. 

Of course, we’re not referring to the plethora of frozen ready meals, harbouring hoards of burgers, chips, sausages and mash. Being able to buy whole meals for as little as £1 is most definitely bound to raise a few eyebrows – and rightly so. 

Moving at a million miles per hour, it’s understandable that we live in a world where convenience has taken precedence over more traditional methods of cooking. However, frozen produce can be a great way to save time whilst still getting the recommended dose of nutrients – and adding a burst of colour to your plate! As great as fresh food is, you’re always against the clock when it comes to the use by date, however frozen food can be stored for months in the specific quantities needed. This can reduce food waste by an astonishing six times, according to a recent study published in the British Food Journal. 

Fear not, individual quick freezing, or IQF, is changing attitudes

IQF quickly freezes the product in smaller, individual servings to preserve as many of the natural health benefits as possible. Chefs also note that freezing produce at peak ripeness allows vegetables to maintain sweetness, freshness, and nutrients, in addition to flavour. After all, whether fresher is better all depends on how fresh the veggies are to begin with. Vegetables that are destined to be in the frozen section of the supermarket are picked when their freshness and nutritional value is optimal, then preserved at their peak. 

Frozen food is just as good as fresh, in any case it comes down to personal preference. Nevertheless, fruit and vegetables, both fresh and frozen, are an essential part of a healthy balanced diet, something that we at Foodbuy are most passionate about. As a leading group procurement organisation, we know that convenience is prioritised at most mealtimes. That’s why we source our ingredients at their nutritional peak, to ensure you are provided with fresh, vitamin-rich produce, the whole year round. 

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