Foodbuy Global UX Series

24 May 2021

Foodbuy is a worldwide organisation, operating in the US, Canada, the UK, Europe and Australia. Having an international footprint expands what we see and hear, providing us with unique perspectives.

We’ve assembled a team of global research analysts to offer actionable insights for your business. This dedicated group will deliver a series of articles to inform you about current trends in our industry – in your own backyard, and around the world.

Our global UX Series is a four-part series focused on all things user experience across several key industries and channels. A must read for anyone in hospitality, education, care or foodservice. 

The complete UX Series

1. Read Customisation is king for your student experience

2. Read Foodservice: how to meet the new customer demands to thrive in a post-Covid world 

3. Read Wants, needs, and UX in hospitality & leisure 

4. Read How to maximise user experience: senior living