Foodbuy Fairtrade Partnership with Tate & Lyle


19 December 2023

Farmers earning a decent living for the fruits of their efforts - that’s the foundation upon which Fairtrade was built more than 30 years ago.

For farmers, the Fairtrade Premium, which is an additional sum that is paid on top of the price, empowers them to invest in business or community projects, fostering better social, economic, and environmental conditions.

Sowing Seeds of Positive Change

For the past 13 years, we’ve partnered with Tate & Lyle Sugars, a refined sugar supplier, who source their raw cane sugar worldwide, from small-scale farmers to larger operations.

During this partnership, we’ve raised over £606,000 of Fairtrade Premium through sales of Tate & Lyle sugar. This funding directly benefits FaFairtrade-certified farmers, including The Progressive Sugar Cane Producers Association (PSCPA) in Belize.

Did you know that in Belize, one of the countries that Tate & Lyle Sugars sources, raw cane sugar constitutes the largest share of exports, accounting for 19%?

Our commitment to Fairtrade allows us to make a positive impact on small-scale sugarcane farmers in developing countries like Belize. In 2022, PSCPA projects included delivering sustainable agroecology, financial literacy, and sustainable entrepreneurship workshops to 15 women and 10 youths. This programme looks to improve agroecological practices and integrate gender equality, women, and youth in climate-smart agriculture.

Promoting the relationship between farmers and forests

Tate & Lyle’s Fairtrade initiatives have supported thousands of small-scale sugarcane farmers and their communities. The Fairtrade Premium we pay funds projects run by the Progressive Sugar Cane Producers Association (PSCPA).

The PSCPA Environmental Challenge set a goal to continue rebuilding natural habitats and ecosystems; taking important steps towards mitigating the impact of climate change and promoting sustainable development.

The campaign ran from April 2022 to January 2023 and led to 605 trees being planted in total, contributing to global efforts for a healthier planet. These efforts represent valuable seeds added to a global challenge of passing on a healthier planet for future generations.

Each time we purchase Fairtrade products, such as Tate & Lyle sugar, we are directly choosing to better the lives of the farmers and workers at the frontlines of the climate crisis.

Through our partnership with Tate & Lyle, we’re proud to make a positive contribution to small-scale sugarcane farmers and improve the quality of life for their communities.

You can find out more about Tate & Lyle projects here: