Fighting food waste with FareShare

Food waste is an important issue and as a leading food procurement organisation we have a responsibility to do everything we can to reduce food waste and fight hunger in the UK. To help do this we are strengthening our partnership with FareShare, the UK’s leading charity fighting hunger and food waste.

Fighting against hunger and food waste
FareShare is the UK’s largest charity fighting against hunger and food waste. They save good food from going to waste by redistributing it to frontline charities like soup kitchens and homeless centres. These organisations transform the food into nutritious meals, which they provide alongside life-changing support.

How it works
For us, it’s a no brainer. We simply donate surplus food, like slow moving or short dated stock, directly to FareShare who in turn use it to help to feed thousands of people in need.

Strengthening our support
We’re stepping up our support by strengthening our partnership with FareShare. Going forward and wherever possible, all new contracts with our suppliers will require contractual support to work with FareShare.

So, when a supplier has produced too much, or when they have surplus stock, we will support them by using our distribution network to deliver this extra food to FareShare.

Ian Murphy, Managing Director of Foodbuy, said: “We’re proud to work closely with FareShare in the fight against hunger and food waste. In the last year alone we’ve donated enough surplus food for an estimated 65,000 meals and our new strengthened partnership gives FareShare access to a greater volume of food via our supply chain. We’re excited by this commitment and the opportunity help make a real difference.”

Samantha Lai, Commercial Officer at FareShare added: “We’re so grateful for Foodbuy’s ongoing support, which enables us to get good quality, nutritious food onto the plates of vulnerable people right across the UK. By encouraging their suppliers to do the right thing and send their surplus food to good causes, Foodbuy will make a huge difference.”

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