Buy Social for a Better World

Buy Social for a Better World is a campaign taking place this week (7-12 October) which celebrates social enterprises by shining a spotlight on the incredible difference they can make.

Organised by Social Enterprise UK, the aim of the challenge is simple, to demonstrate that any business, in any sector, can buy products or services from a social enterprise. The hope is that businesses will learn more about the value social enterprises can bring to an organisation.

Definition of a social enterprise

Just like traditional businesses, social enterprises sell goods or services to a consumer. They also aim to make a profit. However, it’s what they do with their profit that sets them apart, with their profits being reinvested back into a particular social mission.

Read our article here for the lowdown on all things social enterprise.

Social enterprises are really important

Social enterprises exist to create positive social and economic impacts. Helping to create jobs, change lives as well as keeping wealth and opportunities within local communities. They represent the best the business world can offer in terms of commerciality and innovation but see business as an opportunity to address global or local social issues that are facing the world today. In just about every sector of the economy, social enterprises are operating, growing and thriving.

We already support lots of social enterprises

As a leading group procurement organisation we have an important role to play. When we decide to buy social, we’re helping to build a better world. That’s why we’re proud to be supporting the Buy Social for a Better World campaign this week.

In fact, we’re working with a number of great social enterprises already. For instance, we used a mobile coffee business called Change Please who provide meaningful employment to homeless people. We also work closely with Toast Ale, a business turning surplus, unwanted bread into a ‘planet-saving beer’. Other social enterprises we work with include Rubies in the Rubble, Winnow, Redemption Roasters, Karma Kola, Lemonaid/Charitea, Divine Chocolate and Life Water.

Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting announcement

We’re really passionate about doing more with social enterprises over the coming months, which is why we have an exciting announcement to share with you very soon. Keep your eyes peeled on our website and follow us on LinkedIn for more details.