An Industry First: Foodbuy Empowering a Carbon Literate Workforce

21 September 2023

We are delighted to announce that Foodbuy has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first in the food sector to deliver Carbon Literacy training using the newly released shareable course for the Food Sector. During the month of August, our Foodbuy colleagues, representing various functions across the business, took part in our inaugural series of Carbon Literacy training (CLT) sessions.

Our tailor-made, accredited training programme was developed in collaboration with The Carbon Literacy Project (CLP) and was delivered across two half-day sessions by our expert sustainability team.

The CLP is a world-first initiative, with its aim to empower individuals, communities, and workplaces by educating individuals of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities, both at work and at home, alongside the ability and motivation to reduce emissions. The training covered a range of topics, including the science behind climate change and the strategies and skills for communicating sustainability.

“Carbon Literacy is about empowering Foodbuy colleagues to bring sustainability into their roles, furthering our organisational climate targets as well as helping them to make an individual impact outside of work. The benefits will extend to our suppliers and clients alike and underlines our commitment to having a positive impact across our supply chain. We’ve been enthused by the overwhelming interest in signups from the Foodbuy team up to exec level, demonstrating that there is a real desire from all to further both individual and collective climate action.”

Harinder Singh, Head of Sustainability, Foodbuy UK&I

Why is Carbon Literacy important to Foodbuy?

We believe the need for Carbon Literacy, and awareness of it, has never been more urgent than now. Here are a few of the incredible benefits that this training brings to our team and beyond:

  • Environmental Awareness: Armed with this carbon proficiency, our team become proactive advocates for sustainability, raising awareness amongst our people, clients and suppliers. 
  • Industry Leadership: By taking a proactive stance on Carbon Literacy, we hope to inspire others to follow suit and create a more eco-conscious business landscape.
  • Innovative Solutions: Carbon Literacy sparks creativity and innovation in finding sustainable alternatives and efficient solutions for our clients.

Each of these factors ultimately, and importantly, empower our workforce to be enablers for our transition to Climate Net Zero by 2030.

With 13 of our Foodbuy team now on their way to becoming certified Carbon Literate through the CLP, why stop there!

'Food, logistics, and the climate are so intertwined that it's great to see a company with the impact and connections of Foodbuy step up as pioneers in Carbon Literacy.  By taking such an enthusiastic lead it'll not only help the company reduce its own footprint but also that of its clients and suppliers.  We look forward to supporting them to use Carbon Literacy to thrive.'

Phil Korbel, Co-Founder & Director of Advocacy, The Carbon Literacy Project

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