1 million meals saved by Compass and Foodbuy in partnership with FareShare

4 July 2023

FareShare and Foodbuy, alongside our parent company, Compass Group UK & Ireland, have worked together to redistribute the equivalent of 1 million meals to FareShare’s network of 8,500 charities and community groups. - with much of the food being surplus that might have otherwise gone to waste.

Working with FareShare since 2014, Compass and Foodbuy have now supported an estimated 3214 charities all over the UK. These charities provide vital services to people facing food insecurity as well as wraparound services such as debt advice, mental health support and groups for young people and the elderly. Food donated includes items ranging from cheese to ready meals, as well as fresh fruit and bread.

Simon Millard, Food Director, FareShare, commented:

“We are so grateful to Compass and Foodbuy for their support over the years. The high quality food that we consistently receive is always welcomed with open arms by the charities that FareShare supports. Thank you and we look forward to continuing to work in partnership with you.”

Harinder Singh, Head of Sustainability, Foodbuy, said:

“Tackling food waste is an important and necessary part of our sustainability ambitions. The partnership and the goals we are hitting with FareShare are just one example of the great work that our sustainability team are doing. I am so proud of how far we have come and have every confidence that our team will continue to hit more incredible targets such as this in the future”

Ashleigh Taylor, Head of Environment, Compass Group UK & Ireland, said: 

“We always work to avoid food waste, but redistribution is a vital tool for us when waste can’t be helped. Our longstanding partnership with FareShare is a great example of success and I am so pleased that our work together has helped so many charities and people.”

Tackling food waste is an important part of Foodbuy and Compass Group UK & Ireland’s Climate Net Zero by 2030 ambition, which includes a commitment to halve food waste. Foodbuy’ teams across the business aim to stop food waste through preventing, recovering and recycling. Only when food waste is unavoidable, do teams turn to redistribution and recycling.

Compass Group also created the initiative Stop Food Waste Day, which aims to raise awareness and share solutions around this important issue - STOP FOOD WASTE DAY