WildHearts Office: Stationery that makes a difference

WildHearts Office are a carbon neutral, B-Corp certified office consumables business, and one of the UK’s leading B2B Social Enterprises.

WildHearts Office are a carbon neutral, B-Corp certified office consumables business, and one of the UK’s leading B2B Social Enterprises.

Every penny of Wildhearts’ profits is reinvested into social and environmental initiatives through the Wildhearts Foundation. In partnership with their customers, the group have transformed over 1.5 million lives to date.

Being the first company in the food and drinks sector to join the Buy Social Corporate Challenge – a ground-breaking initiative with a collective ambition to spend £1 billion with social enterprise suppliers, we are delighted that WildHearts Office are Foodbuy’s key office stationery supplier. This makes them the first of our social enterprise partners to be awarded as a main supplier.

We are incredibly proud that in partnership with Foodbuy, WildHearts have transformed 1886 lives through various initiatives.


The WildHearts Group deliver social value both locally and globally through two innovative strategies.


In the UK, the WildHearts Schools Programme helps young people in low-income communities to think and act entrepreneurially. The award-winning programme is free to all and aims to ensure inclusive and equal opportunities for the next generation, regardless of their background. This initiative reaches over 30, 000 young people every year.

Throughout the UK, WildHearts also support young people with their mental health, via free training webinars for students and parents, and by providing teachers with access to an online training programme to enhance their understanding and ability to respond to issues. Did you know that in poor areas, 25% of young people are Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) by age 16 compared to only 1% in more affluent areas? WildHearts enhance young people’s employability through training in partnership with some of the UK’s leading employers.


Globally, the WildHearts ‘StartHer’ Strategy supports women and girls in the developing world through a three-step initiative Enterprise, Education and Health. First, they financially empower women by giving them access to finance and enterprise training. Their education project then ensures children have access to essential tools for learning. Finally, their health program provides girls with basic menstrual health products and education – ensuring once they’re in school, they stay there.

In the future, we will continue to work with WildHearts to make changes for the better, together.

To hear more about WildHearts’ incredible social impact, or to find ways to create social value through your office supplies, contact Colin at colin.downie@wildheartsoffice.com.

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