Valor Hospitality Europe

We’ve delivered this client savings of up to 31%

We've helped increase compliance levels to 95%+

Valor Hospitality Europe welcomes in excess of 2.1 million guests to their four star hotels in the UK. Spending around £30m on procurement each year, we provide a range of national and regional solutions for 17 hotels from Glasgow in the north to Plymouth in the south.

A passion for innovation and creativity in food
Valor Hospitality Europe has a passion for innovation and creativity in food and beverage embedded in their DNA. They believe the food and beverage offering at their hotels and resorts is not merely something that needs to be provided to guests, but rather it’s an integral part of the overall guest experience. Quality is paramount, and they endeavour to use only fresh produce supplied from regionally sourced providers and farmers.

One approach to eProcurement
Following a series of hotel acquisitions, Valor had three legacy eProcurement systems in place. It was obvious they needed to get everyone using the same system, unlocking access to meaningful information and key performance metrics whilst driving compliance. Within six weeks of working together we had introduced a full purchase to pay solution and went live with some of the highest volume categories like grocery, fish & seafood, meat & poultry and fruit & vegetables.

Managing the supply chain
With a supply chain of over 2,000 suppliers, there was an opportunity to reduce this down to a more manageable level to deliver greater value and increase compliance. Our account management team rationalised the number of suppliers by benchmarking and channelling volume through just 200 national and regional suppliers. With savings across all categories, we’ve reduced costs by up to 31% in a single category and compliance levels are now at over 95%.

Optimising the range
With a consolidated supply chain in place, our account management team continue to work closely with the client to optimise the range of products being used. For instance we’ve been able to switch the bacon supply and without compromising taste or quality this has saved £10,000 a month.

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