Now is the time to join a Group Procurement Organisation

A group procurement organisation, or GPO for short, is a company or group of companies using its combined purchasing power and volume to secure best in market pricing for its customers.

GPOs help operators across a variety of different sectors and the premise is simple. For instance, when shopping for your home – groceries, gardening or any other essentials – buying in bulk will almost certainly save you money.

Using paper towels as an example, buying a 24-pack could cost as much as 30% less per roll compared with buying them individually. Now magnify that opportunity. What if you could maximise your savings by buying up to 100,000 paper towels? The price per pack would be exponentially lower.

Here at Foodbuy we work in a similar manner. We bring together leading businesses across a range of different sectors and industries, including foodservice, healthcare, education, travel, restaurants, hotels, hospitality and leisure. The more our clients purchase together, using the same products and suppliers, the lower the individual cost.

Now more than ever, is the time to join a GPO. Here’s just some of the benefits we offer:

  • Market-leading pricing: We keep our finger on the pulse. That’s what makes us and our clients stronger, faster and more resilient. We regularly review the macro-economic market to identify opportunities and build robust negotiation plans to support our clients. It’s also a win for suppliers as they’re able to streamline their sales operations and negotiate pricing with one organisation, instead of executing deals with many different companies

  • Transparency and credibility: In this industry you earn your stripes. Trust is built on relationships and reassurance, but it’s won over by reputation. Whilst we are always looking at innovations which can improve every aspect of the supply chain and drive value, the most important thing to us is clear and transparent information on what we supply and where it has come from. No unwelcome surprises

  • Category expertise: We have the purchasing power of over £1bn, spanning 70+ specialist categories, 75% food, 25% non-food. To deliver such a large-scale operation, our procurement teams are charged to think ahead, to plan well and work to an annual sourcing calendar to optimise the innovation pipeline, new deals and added value to terms

  • Value beyond the bottom line: For us, true value does not stop at savings. We use our buying strength, our systems and our people to reimagine the art of possible for your business. We dream big for you and help make visions a reality, using supply chains to unlock opportunities that go further than your bottom line
  • eProcurement and systems: Imagine our system as your very own online supermarket. Together we load it with the food suppliers and products you need to successfully run your business. Your teams then have one simple system where they can place and manage all their orders with full processing visibility, removing the need for phone or email orders. Impressively smart and easy
  • Local and bespoke solutions: We’re not just looking for the cookie-cutter approach. We collaborate with clients to ensure that if they have specific sourcing requirements, those needs are met but with the right rigour to ensure a competitive price. These bespoke programmes enable us to work in partnership to future proof business needs and deliver innovative tailored solutions
  • Channel experts: Every channel faces its own challenges and with exposure to a broad range of businesses, our team of proactive experts have the experience and passion to tackle them with you. We implement tailored supply chain solutions to deliver savings, add value to the customer experience and boost operational efficiency
  • Innovation: As one of the largest food procurement businesses in the world, Foodbuy is always looking toward the future. We are restless in our desire to seek out sustainable innovations that we can provide to clients to meet the heightened challenges of food, drink and service provision both now, and for future generations in the years ahead

We are here to help

If you need help sourcing any products or if you are looking to join a group procurement organisation, feel free to contact us here.