High quality food, for cost-sensitive students

What exactly do students want from your food offer? Back in the 1940’s, cobbler and a bowl of semolina was the order of the day – food that would feed an eager appetite and provide fuel for the brain.

Fast forward to 2020 and there has been a major shift in the types of food that students are looking for. Increasingly, we’re seeing young people eating little and often, looking for ‘easy to grab’ foods, with swift contactless payment, before heading to their next lecture.

Of course, this isn’t the only factor influencing lunch-time decisions, other factors to consider include:

  1. Food on-the-go
  2. Food that fuels the brain
  3. A good selection of cultural cuisines
  4. Hot and cold options
  5. Healthy, or healthier, options

Cost conscious consumers

Perhaps, the biggest factor though, is cost. After all, it’s rare to find a student that isn’t on a tight budget. Did you know, a student is likely to walk away from their favourite food if it costs more than they’re willing, or able, to pay. In fact, studies show Generation Z (GenZ) have adopted a far more fiscally conservative approach, wanting to avoid debt or any types of financial hardship.

What can Foodbuy bring to the table?

We understand the complexities of providing food for students – we have proven experience across the education sector. The path is certainly not a straight one, but let’s identify where we can help. Having already established one of the most important factors to students is cost, it’s important to remember this is based solely on financial pressures. Given the choice, with no need to be cost conscious, students would always prefer fresh, high-quality products.

We’re able to source what you need at the highest quality and always at the best market value. But for us, true value does not stop at savings. We endeavour to source sustainable, local and socially – catering to your every need - freeing up your time to focus on delivering the very best student experience. 

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